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  • Dr. Allen Tyndall

The Wash is on the Line

All of us need and encouraging word. Let me give you four to enjoy now. God loves you! God is with you! God knows what you are going through! God never will forsake you!

God is there for me! For me! Say this with me as you read – “For me!” Say it with me! “God is there for me!”

Rt 33 in Virginia runs across the state, and one section of it travels over the mountain between Stanardsville to Elkton. There is a house that sits on the side of the Rt 33 that has always been an encouragement for me. This house has always had wash on the line around the porch. For 60 years plus that I have been traveling it, and the wash has always been on the line. In fact, when I was pastoring in the area I went by that house on the way to the UVA Hospital and to my wife’s home, and the wash was always on the line. Several pastors who met together in the area began to talk about the fact that no matter what time we went by, morning, afternoon, night, late night, early morning, the wash was always on the line.

It became an obsession for us, that one of us when traveling by that house would take a picture of it and have one of our pastors who was an artist draw it for us. One day I was traveling by the house with another pastor, and he had his camera. As we went by the house, yes, you guessed it - the wash was on the line. So, we stopped and took a picture. The picture was given to the artist pastor to now have it as a testimony of that house.

A month ago, I traveled over that highway 4 times on my trip to Elkton for a ministry ordination. As I always do, as I am going up and down the mountain, I ask the question, “Is the wash on the line?” Now I ask you, “Was the wash on the line last Monday when I went by about 1:00 PM?” I can tell you - THE WASH WAS ON THE LINE! This encourages me because of God’s faithfulness to me and to us. Be encouraged today. “The Wash is on the Line!” God is still here with us! He has not forgotten me, nor will He! I can depend on God no matter what!


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