Tel: (704) 796-1784

PLEASE NOTE:  We are set up to assist pastors and their families ONLY in the United States!

We are NOT able to assist ministries outside the United States!

Lead National Director

Dr. Allen Tyndall

Phone:  (704) 796-1784

Northwest  Serving Washington, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho

Perry Melnychenko

Phone:  (503) 886-9811

Great Lakes  Serving Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio


Dr. Allen Tyndall

Phone:  (704) 796-1784

Northeast  Serving Connecticut, Deleware, Maine, Maryland,

Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Vermont, West Virginia, and Rhode Island

Gary Bowman

Phone:  (717) 424-2948


Carolinas & South Atlantic

Serving North & South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida



Dr. Allen Tyndall

Phone:  (704) 796-1784

Mid-South  Serving Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana,

Mississippi, Kentucky, and Tennessee

Jim & Anne Bevis

Phone:  (256) 335-8288

Mid-West  Serving North Dakota, South Dakota,

Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin

Dr. Allen Tyndall

Phone:  (704) 796-1784

Great Plains  Serving Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona

John Gifford

Phone:  (405) 227-7566

Western Plains  Serving California, Nevada, and Utah

John Gifford

Phone:  (405) 227-7566


Female Ministers & Their Spouses

Rev. Doreen & Greg Gibbons

Phone:  (203) 578-0248

PastorCare never charges a fee for services. It is a purely faith-based, non-profit 501©3 ministry. PastorCare is supported by donations, gifts and a volunteer network of caregivers and service providers. Retired pastors, missionaries and volunteer lay-persons encourage and assist pastors and their families who contact PastorCare. Our goal is to meet the need and revitalize God’s ministering servants to continue the call to serve.

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The (2014) PCN website was dedicated to the memory of Rev. G. David Korsen, who gave of his expertise, time and passion to create the first PCN website. He served as Communications Director from March of 2009 until his graduation from this life on April 23, 2013. Dave’s caring heart and infectious laugh were the entry to the deep well of God’s grace that flowed through him — the essence of PastorCare.