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Family Resources

Thank You For Your Interest!


As the wife or other member of a Pastoral family, you are important to us. We care about you!


We welcome your inquiries. There’s really no issue, concern, or question too large or too small. So don’t hesitate to ask. That's why we're here!



The PASTORAL FAMILY portion of our website is still under construction. Please check back soon for important tools and resources.



Meanwhile... see our directory of regional numbers to reach someone for assistance.


Also, click here for an article online which you may enjoy about Pastors' Wives.

Pastor/Spouse Marriage Enrichment Opportunities

Love Like That Inc. provides a safe haven for couples to come for enrichment and restoration in their marriages and lives in a weekend retreat format. They have a heart especially for those in ministry and on the mission field and are intentional about connecting with them.


Their contact information is as follows:


Phone - (804) 301-8793


Website -

PastorCare cares about each member of the Pastoral Family.

We’re here for YOU!

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