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I’m a pastor who is truly blessed by the PastorCare Network. I was on the verge of destroying my family and ministry because I allowed sexual addiction to control my life. It wasn’t until I made the decision to stop pastoring and work on myself and restoring
my marriage that things began to change. I was seeking counseling and a counselor referred me to the ministry of PastorCare. I called them and they said they would have someone contact me in my area within 48 hours.

One of their psychiatrists called me back. I told him my situation and the first thing he said was, “Do you have time to [see] me today?” I told him, “yes,” and we agreed to meet at Panera Bread. When my wife and I met the doctor, he ministered to us. We talked about my childhood and about how I tried to use worldly things to cover up my wounded emotions I never wanted to face, etc. That was the start to his helping me toward restoration and getting back into ministry. Without the help of PastorCare, I could have lost my family and my ministry permanently.

– J.T.

I had suffered a very, harsh and painful departure from a Church that I pastored. My family was broken and I saw absolutely no way that I would ever see even one person come to Christ through my ministry. PastorCare was there to help me through the healing process and to make sure I would recover in a healthy and most excellent way.


Please know that without the help of my PastorCare mentor and PastorCare, I would be at a totally different place right now. Probably still working for Delta Airlines and running away from my calling. My mentor recognized that God was not done with my wife and me and he offered true brotherhood of faith and a Christ ordained forgiveness for us. My PastorCare mentor was the only man who at the beginning of this process, believed in me.


– Joe

My wife, my family and I have an immense amount of gratitude for Peter Foxx his wife and everyone else that makes up PastorCare. We have been so blessed by them. My wife and I have been in ministry for 10 years now and we had been saving up to also celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary. We had saved enough for our travel expenses or for housing, but not quite enough for both. We heard about Pastor Care and emailed them. We were shocked by how quick of a response we received and how encouraging everyone was in the process.


Pastor Care made it possible for us to getaway to celebrate and invest in our marriage and nurture our faith. We are so much better off as a result. Thank you for your caring heartfelt generosity. We are so blessed.


– Matt and Alicia

My PastorCare mentor was there for me in my darkest hour. The stress just kept building month after month. I was tired, wasn’t sleeping well, had migraine headaches often, and finally panic attacks. What is happening to me?


Someone had mentioned the PastorCare ministry to me about a month earlier, so I called met with my PastorCare mentor. He listened with so much compassion; I could tell he cared. He recommended that I take a three month sabbatical from ministry to heal. I knew this idea would be foreign to our church board. My PastorCare mentor spent much time working with our board, the church, and my family. 


I am so thankful for my PastorCare mentor’s ministry in my life; words cannot adequately express it. I think of other pastors who go through similar things, but have no one to turn. The stresses of ministry were still there when I went back, but I was able to face them in a much healthier way.


– Jim 

Thank you PastorCare! We had a fantastic time again this year! It is such an incredible blessing that you allow us to take these amazing vacations that we can afford. It honestly affects our family and ministry in ways I can't begin to tell you. Thank you! 


– KD

My wife and I have know the Bevis[es] since around 2011. We met them during a crisis in our lives. To that end they are the angels God sent us to see us through that period. They gave us the proper spiritual, mental, and physical guidance needed. They put us on the path to healing. One of the most amazing things to us is while they were helping us find the wholeness we needed, they were helping others from different parts of the world do the same. We thank God for the friendship we developed with the Bevis[es] then and continues to this day. What a wonderful world this would be if more of us were like the Bevis[es].


– SW

I just had to write to you and tell you how much we appreciate all your help in facilitating our vacation!! It was such an encouragement!! We had a fantastic time as a family, the condo was gorgeous and the resort had so much for young families. We could have never done that without your help and the ministry of PastorCare. THANK YOU!!!!

God bless!


– Katie

We had been at the church for over twenty years. Throughout those years, our people had loved my wife and me in very real and tangible ways. When the spirit of the church body began to shift, I couldn’t understand what was happening. We experienced more and more conflict. People began to take sides. Our leadership team was not healthy either. I started to daydream about working at something else. I didn’t sleep well. I felt trapped. I doubted my own judgment. I really needed some help.


That was when our Pastor of Education and Administration suggested I call my PastorCare mentor. My associate contacted my PastorCare mentor, who in turn called me and we set up a meeting. I’m so very glad we did. He actually understood me and corrected some of my assumptions without making me feel stupid.


My PastorCare mentor became a sounding board, a counselor and a mentor. We are in the fourth month after our first meeting and a great many things have changed at our church. The darkest clouds are gone. We are healing. The Church is healing. Having enlisted my PastorCare mentor as an accountability partner as we walked through our own valley of the shadow of death, contributed to our being able to look back over the process and feel confident that we handled things honorably. I am truly grateful to God for the help we received from my PastorCare mentor.


– Carlos

It was mid-May and I was experiencing one of my loneliest seasons of ministry. Then the phone rang. It was my PastorCare mentor. He stated that I didn’t know him, but he had heard about my situation, another broken relationship between a pastor and his flock. His sincerity and godly spirit allowed me to trust him enough to set up a meeting for the following week. He assured me he simply wanted to listen and aid in my healing process if he could. That one meeting has lead to a two- plus year relationship of counsel and accountability. 


What have I received from PastorCare? The ministry brought comfort and I realized that I wasn’t alone. Here were people who genuinely cared and could help with the pain and abandonment by simply listening and sharing their story. The counseling has also  helped me identify my weakness and strength. I’ve gained more confidence in who God has created me to be. My PastorCare mentor also reemphasized the importance of waiting on God…every door that opens is not necessarily one you should walk through. 


I praise God for PastorCare and their willingness to walk with those who have been wounded in ministry. Most would think it’s only for pastors, but my testimony is that my entire family received healing from the ministry. Without the Spirit’s leading and the aid of PastorCare I would be another wounded pastor set out to pasture. Weeping endures for a night but joy comes in the morning. PastorCare is truly a ministry that lives up to its name.


– George

When my friend E.F. told me about your ministry to pastors and how much he had benefited from it, I immediately saw it as a lifeline that could help me through the horrific wars of ministry. 


I come from a family of twelve pastors and have been in ministry for over three decades. I have seen with my own eyes many hundreds of fallen soldiers of the Kingdom, skillful pastors, injured in the battles of ministry, discarded, with gigantic loss for the Church. Unfortunately there are very few ministries and shepherds like PastorCare that do care and are capable to offer support and guidance. 


I greatly appreciate all the support you gave me in the days of thick darkness when I was alone fighting the demons, real ones as well as emotional ones. You had a way, certainly lead by the Spirit, to call me when I was down and wanting to give up.


– Silas

About two years ago I was in the midst of a crushing battle in my congregation. One of my elders had begun an attack on me and my family during the time when my daughter was deathly ill. He enlisted our music minister and several people from the congregation to wage an attack on my salary, our lifestyle, and my effectiveness of leadership within the church. I was at a place where I wasn't sure if I should just leave the church, leave the ministry, or leave planet Earth altogether.


The Lord directed me to call PastorCare and I spoke at length on the phone with my PastorCare mentor about my situation and time of difficulty. Within two days, my PastorCare mentor came to a congregational meeting, and a meeting  the leadership of the church. After much time in prayer, and the Lords leading, my PastorCare mentor gave very sound leadership, business, and biblical advice for us to rectify the situation. He was able to specifically identify the problem areas, gave us options how to handle them and recommended a strategic plan; but he never pushed his agenda or his philosophy.


Recently the Lord brought my PastorCare mentor to mind. I called him and to relate that things in our congregation are good—financially and relationally. My prayer time has completely been revolutionized, going from the things that I need and the to many, many moments of Thanksgiving.


– Mark

I was at a crucial time in my life when things could have gone from bad to worse; but it was also a time when God was allowing me to go through what I call T.N.T (Testing & Training). My PastorCare mentor came to our church introducing his services for pastors. Even though I didn’t know much about PastorCare I truly believed in its divine purpose and mission because my father was a pastor. I understand the pains, challenges and frustrations of pastors. The “Calling” takes its toll on the families of pastors; but little did I know that God’s timing would be impeccable.


Six months into my work it was discovered that the lead pastor was engaged in an affair. While the leadership of the church was dealing with the sting of this problem, I found myself in unfamiliar territory.


It was a Monday morning and I remember sitting in my office and the church secretary announced to me that my PastorCare mentor was waiting to see me in the lobby My PastorCare mentor heard about the situation and came to see how I was doing. He took the time to listen to my heart and immediately knew how to pour into my cup. That guidance has continued for eight years. He has genuinely encouraged me, held me accountable and cheered me on. And he challenges me as I follow the Lord’s calling. What my PastorCare mentor is doing is unorthodox, unpopular and rare in our present church culture. It’s basically called discipleship; but this is a discipleship for pastors.


– JR

It is difficult to write this, as I am still not used to referring to my husband, David, in the past tense. After almost 40 years together, it feels like half of me is missing. The best half.


David was a kind, generous, enthusiastic, funny and loyal man. His weakness was people. He could never say “No” to anyone who made a request of him, no matter how inconvenient it was to him. He was what you would refer to as the quintessential “nice guy”, in the best sense of the phrase. His most fervent prayer, in the five years since we went through his forced termination from the church we had moved 2000 miles to Pastor, was that God would somehow redeem that terrible experience, and use it to help other Pastoral couples suffering through it. David found an opportunity to participate with God in that desire through PastorCare and their Ministry to Ministers. David was already friends with our PastorCare mentor, having met him at a National Pastors Convention, prior to accepting the call to the church in the “distant state.” When we were forced to leave that church, four years later, our PastorCare mentor attended most of our meetings with the church representatives and those from the denomination that David had served for nearly 25 years.


Often, our PastorCare mentor was our only advocate. He walked through the whole messy journey with us, and resourced us with a trip to Blessing Ranch to get some needed counseling. I can honestly say that without his continuing support and coaching, David would have been a ministry casualty, and Morning Star Church might not exist today.


It is my prayer that the unfortunate trend of churches across all Denominations to make their Pastors conveniently disposable would end, but we live in a broken world. PastorCare serves those Pastors who become casualties of this practice. Somehow God uses broken Pastors to reach broken people, so that what was “intended for harm, God has intended for good to accomplish what is now being done-the saving of many lives” (Gen 50:20)


– Joanie

Yesterday I met with the pastor search committee from a church and it appears they will be voting within the next couple of weeks regarding a call to me as their regular pastor. Praise the Lord.


I want to take time to say thank you for just being there when my previous situation fell apart. There were times when I did not know where to turn and God brought me to your ministry for pastors. During those tough times God knew exactly when to have you call just to find out how I was doing and give an encouraging word and prayer. You will never know how much that meant to me. I thank God for your being sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.


– Ken

There are four specific ways that I have benefitted from My PastorCare mentor’s ministry to me and that of PastorCare:


Navigation. If a pastor or leader in the church does not know where they are going, can we really expect the congregation to know or follow? An experienced navigator in ministry can help each of us steer clear of the rocks of unhealthy desires, the shallow waters of mediocrity and avoid a catastrophe in dealing with unhappy congregants.


Affirmation. Affirming someone who is burnt out, confused, angry or depressed is like putting salve on a bruise or cut. When you are tired, discouraged and disappointed hearing words of affirmation of yourself and your call to where the Lord has you serving by a ministry coach is priceless.


Inspiration. After you have been in ministry for a while it is far easier to coast than be creative. A big challenge that I face in pastoring is how to be creative in reaching those who do not know …but always staying true to the message. I believe this is one of the areas of ministry that my PastorCare mentor has helped me the most.


Edification. There are plenty of opportunities and willing people who need little or no motivation to criticize, complain, compare or condemn us. To intentionally take the time and make the effort to edify another is truly a precious gift.


 I have been edified through the ministry of my PastorCare mentor:


  • Prayer. One of the highlights of my PastorCare mentor’s ministry to me was hearing him pray for me, my family and my church.


  • Counsel. Another great ministry of a coach is counseling. Hearing wise counsel can save us a lot of grief and making mistakes that we would regret.


  • Reassurance. Receiving an e-mail or a note in the mail that someone supports you in ministry and believes in your calling and talents is incredibly reassuring.


So, with an experienced ministry coach and a support team like PastorCare available and wanting to help you, traveling the path of serving the Lord and others will not be lonely any more.


– Ron

When I met my PastorCare mentor got to know each other very quickly, exchanging our stories and life. We have remained friends and deepened and expanded our relationship ever since.


We planted a Community Church in back in 2011. My PastorCare mentor has been a great help and source of encouragement along our church planting journey. He has worn many hats in our relationship…coaching…promoting the sanctity of  life… encouraging…counseling…praying or just take the time to hear or share a good word from God. 


We came to the crossroads of bi-vocational ministry a few months back-- most planters start there. As I began to pray over part time work I started to network with just a few of my close friends. My PastorCare mentor was one of the men I met with and I asked him for some help in finding part time work. “No problem Steve, be glad to help! … not many days later I got a follow up email from my PastorCare mentor — he had a guy! 


That man was Randy, the President of a Building company. The next day my PastorCare mentor sent Randy an email with my resume attached, inquiring if he knew of anyone who’s looking to hire someone part time?” Randy replied immediately. Randy told my PastorCare mentor he’d been praying for another person to join his team. He didn’t want to go through the process of posting the job, taking in a bunch of resumes, and then having to interview a bunch of people. Two weeks later I had a part time job--crafted in heaven, brought about by two faithful praying men and one guy in need of part time work! 


– Steve

“We have always been impressed with the team at PastorCare who unselfishly serve those who lead the church. They do it as well as anyone, and have become a model for other organizations around the country.”


– Dr. H.B. London Jr., Vice Pres., Church and Clergy, Focus on the Family

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