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Books and Booklets

These titles are available directly from PastorCare. Please CONTACT US for any copies you would like to purchase or receive.

My Prayer With You Today


Author:  Allen Tyndall


“My Prayer With You Today” is born out of a passion for prayer. This book recognizes that people are always in the midst of something in their lives. These “somethings” usually consume them and their energy. The book focuses attention on what people are experiencing and addresses those issues with a prayer – a prayer that identifies both the issue, the emotions surrounding the issue, and offers hope and a way to proceed in the midst of the issue. 


Each day has two parts. One part consists of Bible Readings from the Old Testament, Psalms or Proverbs, and New Testament. If this is followed every day a person will read through the Bible during the year. The second part is a practical down to earth prayer which relates to the reflection verse which is taken from the daily Bible readings.


188 pages

The Day Santa Met Jesus

$10 (or 3 for $25)

​The Day Santa Met Jesus is the true personal story of the author’s coming to salvation in Jesus Christ during a tent revival as a nine-year-old boy.  His childhood was always adventurous, daily exploring his neighborhood with his friends while riding bicycles and running around looking for something to do or “get into” along the way.


24 pages

I Love To Tell The Story

$18 donation + $2 s/h

Author:  Jim Bevis


This is... "one man’s journey out of sectarianism and legalism into a living relationship with Jesus Christ"


“Ministry isn’t for Sissies!”


With stories which include everything from Roy Rogers, Ed Sullivan, and Mercy Ships to Campus Evangelism, debates with Playboy, and moments that skirted the edge of death while ministering in other countries, Jim Bevis’ new book is aptly labeled as one of “high adventure, spanning over 70 years of God’s faithfulness.”


395 pages

Pastor Burnout Workbook


Author:  Daniel Sherman


Are you experiencing pastor burnout? How do you know? What is burnout? What can be done about it?


Burnout is a vicious enemy of pastoral ministry. It has the potential to damage relationships, leave people hurting, hurt your marriage, and even lead to a resignation. Job burnout is not something that should be trivialized.

Secrets to Understanding Your Pastor


Author:  Daniel Sherman


What is this pastor appreciation book about?


Do you want to understand your pastor better? Sometimes it's hard to crack the surface of your pastor. We're not really sure what he is thinking. How does he really feel?


Your pastor really isn't hiding anything from you. He would probably answer your questions if you asked in a way that put him at ease. But there are some things about being a pastor that your pastor doesn't

really want to talk about.

Pastor Appreciation Workbook


Author:  Daniel Sherman


Planning a Pastor Appreciation event? Not sure where to start? You can use the 2011 Pastor Appreciation Workbook. Need new ideas or a little guidance? This 30 page guide will help with that too.



Churches all across this nation are in disarray. Pastors are being terminated because of an emergence of a few rebellious-religious zealot “control freaks.” Members are hurting and inflicting hurt on one another as well as their pastors with a dictatorial style of leadership. Why are so many pastors and churches experiencing such devastation? Why do Christians, many of whom have been raised and trained under some of the godliest pastors and churches in America, end up acting like pagans? This book is about what is going on in the ministry environment in the 21st Century.


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