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5 "Beyonds" for Every Woman Leader

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The Power to Go!
There are 5 "Beyonds" every woman must travel to step into her authority as a leader

The Power to Go! It started when I was a little girl playing the teacher with my younger siblings, remaining in charge of the tea parties with my friends, and being the boss over my toys as I played with the kids on the porch. Every woman must do the inward work to discover the vastness of her skills and abilities. The uniqueness of a woman is so intriguing. After giving birth to my child in May 2000, I wondered, if a woman could receive one seed and produce a human being, how much more could she bring forth? After doing intense inward work on my purpose in life and who I was created to be in the world. I can genuinely say that I am a prolific Leader born and established to make positive deposits in every life I encounter.

The 5 Beyonds were cultivated during this beautiful 24-year journey of becoming a Leader. God engineered every step of my awareness regarding leadership skills. To my surprise, God opened my eyes to the understanding that I was always a leader and gave me terms or specific definitions of what I did to become the

leader I am today.

The 5 "Beyonds" for Every Woman Leader:

1. Beyond Your Family History

Family history can be the hardest to move beyond because of the deep roots and unspoken Requirements. Going beyond family is not leaving the people behind you love but giving each family member a different perspective about adding to the legacy and opening doors for new adventures and opportunities for those coming behind us.

2. Beyond Your Financial Constraints

This area is a constant challenge because it takes finances to actualize a vision of purpose. Going beyond this impasse takes courage to partner with people who believe in your vision, research avenues that seek to fund your purpose in life, and have faith you were created to be an answer to the missing million-dollar idea.

3. Beyond Your Formal Education

The key to moving beyond this stumbling block is being teachable with an open mind to learn all that is to complete your purpose in life. Most educators, college graduates, or current students will attest that classroom life vastly differs from the everyday workforce, and what is taught in school is often not used. Remember that education is essential, but lifelong learning is the key.

4. Beyond Your Friendship "Circle"

The reality of friendship is a sensitive but necessary position in life. A leader must know that all friendships will not go beyond and must have an endless trust to be open to new relationships that add value to her journey.

5. Beyond Your Failures

Failure turned inside out is resilience. Being willing to bounce back from a failure takes looking at the failure again from a different standpoint, being honest about skills that were not obtained or used, and being willing to ask for assistance for areas you missed.

The power to go beyond did not start when I became an adult but in my formative years as a child. Stepping into the position of authority was not luck, God led me to seek answers diligently and put terms or definitions with my activities in my formative years. I did not know leadership was being taught; I did what I was told as a child through my young adult years and instructed others to follow. I continued the learned behavior until May 2000. The Holy Spirit led me to begin putting the terms to the learned behaviors. In that process, I discovered I am a prolific leader. The joy of the journey was finding that God is the engineer of my steps while leading me to have the inward power to go beyond any impasse or stumbling block. The internal work of seeking God was key to understanding how He has shifted me into my leadership authority.

– Dr. Roxanne Casey is from Springfield, IL, and is an excellent people person. She is a gifted leader and a catalyst with knowledge, insight, and understanding of mobilizing people. She is a member of Pastor Care Network as a Pastor Care Specialist.


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