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Adventures in Prayer - #1

Jesus was asked by His disciples, “Lord, teach us to pray.” (Luke 11:1-2a & Matthew 6:5-8) These verses tell us that prayer does not come naturally or effortlessly; Prayer must be learned! It has to do with our relationship with God. We have to have some investment in it. It is hard work!

“And when you pray, say…” To learn to pray we must learn to ask.

E. M. Bounds states, “God shapes the world by prayer… God conditions the very life and prosperity of His cause on prayer.” God works through the prayers of His people. So, if we are to get answers from God, we must first pray.

John Wesley states, “God will do nothing but in answer to prayer.”

A few years ago, my family and I were driving toward Virginia on a new section of I-81 just outside Knoxville, TN. I looked at my gas gage and noticed that we were getting very low on gas. So, I started looking for a gas station. The more I drove the lower the gage registered. I prayed for a gas station, yet none was to be found. When the gage registered empty I really became concerned. I prayed more fervently again – Lord, please, get us to a gas station!

The more miles we traveled the more I prayed. We were running on fumes. The whole family was into this adventure of prayer now, praying also. Finally, I spotted a sign that told us there was gas ahead. Get us there, please, Lord!!!

When the exit was in sight, my oldest son said, “Go past it, Dad, and see how far we can go.” I told him that, if I did, we would be walking to the gas station. When we arrived at the station, we were the only car at the pumps.

God always makes His point clear in His answers to our prayers! An attendant came out to see if the pumps were working. I found out that they had just had a big storm and the electricity had been knocked out. The electricity had just been turned back on as we drove into the station. I began filling my 25-gallon tank. God showed me at that point that He had prepared this place for me and had answered my prayer. I pumped in 27 gallons!

When you pray – coincidences happen! When you don’t pray, they don’t happen.

I believe God used this incident to remind me that He cares about every detail in my life. This adventure demonstrated His love for me and my family. Nothing God does in our lives is wasted. He uses every example and every experience to let us know He will never forsake us. This coronavirus trial is no exception. God is with us! How have you and God grown closer these past 10 plus weeks? What adventures in prayer can you tell?

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