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  • Dr. Allen Tyndall

An Encouraging Word

Pastors! Tend Your Souls!

As Christian leaders we must tend to our soul – to lead from the depth of our own walk with Christ! My devotion is to Jesus! How do I make sure of that?

A couple years ago my wife and I, along with my daughter, her husband, my teenage granddaughter and teenage grandson attended a Casting Crowns concert in Raleigh, NC.

It was my daughter’s birthday, so the concert was her birthday present from us. We had a great time enjoying the singing and the presence of the Lord. I was impressed most by their humility and servant attitudes. During the intermission Mark Hall, their leader, gathered all the pastors at the concert together in a room to speak to us and encouraged us.

He told us that he had discovered that there were three things that were important in his life:

1. Guard my time with Jesus. Be in the word and draw from God. He said that he knows when he is coasting. People sometimes go to church to get fed, but he recommends eating before you go.

2. God does not need me. He picks me for the purpose of showing forth His glory through me.

3. Give away what I believe and live it out before those I minister to. Help them build tracks they can run on and then encourage them to get out of their chairs and get to doing what they have learned.

This was very encouraging to me. It is also a good understanding of a person who is a spiritual leader. May you be encouraged today also.

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