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Being Blessed by God

Obed-edom was just a regular guy, standing by the side of the road in front of his house, minding his own business. Because David got angry and afraid of God, he leaves the Ark at Obed-edom’s house. He let the Ark stay at his place. I believe he was a person just like you and me, doing his best as a husband and father, working, and providing for his family, and he was available and open for what God wanted to do next in his life.

The name “Obed” means slave. The other part of his name “Edom” means he was an Edomite who was an enemy of the Israelites. He was also from the city of Gath (Gittite), which is where Goliath was from. So, Obed-edom was a slave, and an enemy of Israel who grew up in the wrong city. He of all the people in Israel would be the least person for God to bless. But God did, and He wants to bless us also!

This word “bless” occurs ninety-five times in the Bible. “Blessed” 234 times and “blessing” 65 times. This tells me that God wants to bless us. “Bless” in Hebrew means “to give abundant and effective life to someone.” In Greek it means “someone whom everyone speaks well of.” According to the Bible, these blessings can only come from God.

If God can bless Obed-edom, God can bless you. Receive His Son, Jesus, as Your savior and live in that blessing. Obed-edom was a man standing in the crowd, watching a parade, and the Ark was left at his home. He received it and lived in God’s presence 90 days. He took full advantage of his opportunity. Obed-edom was blessed because he was available... to receive God’s blessing!!!!

Everything in Obed-edom’s life was changed, and more blessings came. He had a different view of himself. God blessed everything in his life. God blessed his family, his finances, his business, his friends, his marriage. Everyone was aware of these blessings – even King David. (2 Samuel 6:12. I Chronicles 13:14).

Do you want God’s presence to come and live with you? Pray with me!

Dear God, I invite You to come live in my house. I want to experience Your presence every day. Come walk with me and talk with me. I want You to be my friend. Amen!


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