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  • Dr. Allen Tyndall

God-Size Encounters

My friend, Roger, told me about a “God-Size” encounter when 4 people were engaged in community evangelism. His team was made up of 3 ladies and himself. They were eager to learn. One was a 17-year-old young woman. She had been adopted by the lady with her. The other one was a new member lady who wanted to learn how to evangelize.

The 17-year-old was always looking for her birth father. The three were not supposed to be part of the team, but just happened to be assigned to him at the last minute. As they were sharing with a neighbor, a man got off the bus serving the neighborhood and started walking toward them. The young girl looked startled as he approached. She had never met her birth father, but had seen pictures of him on Facebook. This man walking toward her was her birth father.

There was a tearful reunion. Roger made his way over to the ladies and led the man to the Lord.

Let’s recap.

These 3 ladies were not supposed to be part of his team, but here they are watching a man get off a bus and begin walking toward them who was living about 2 hours away. He just so happened to be the girl’s birth father who she was looking for. They found each other in front of the man’s house. He came to Christ because he was presented with the Gospel. He was getting help with his addiction and attending church now being discipled in the faith.

Let me encourage you today. God loves His children. Each person in ministry no matter what they are going through (emphasis mine) is positioned to experience a “God-Size” encounter. Stay alert and ready for this to occur. Don’t lose heart but remember – God loves You and cares about YOU!


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