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A Gifted Leader

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A Gifted Leader
7 Questions Every Leader Must Ask Herself Before Asking Others To Follow Her

I am a gifted leader, a catalyst with knowledge, insight, and understanding of mobilizing people. I can see a person's skill set and know how to encourage and mentor that person until they reach maturity — my tenacity, stability, and competence to learn how God has shaped me for His purpose and apply godly principles have given me the ability to be kind to myself, and others while possessing the title and stance of a gifted leader. The seven questions below gave me a framework for establishing my leadership capability and asking others to follow.

1. Where Am I Going?

I am uniquely empowered to be an answer on the earth, to bring forth solutions to the unmet or under-served (people, places, or things), and I clearly understand that I am built for the task set before me to complete.

2. Why Am I Going?

Hope is the force behind my going. The purpose of being an answer in the land will no longer allow me to sit by and do nothing with the unmet and under-served in society, community, city, state, or world. Martin Luther King stated, “We will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope.” Going forth must have a purpose, and hope is my force.

3. What If I Don't Make It?

The doubts in life will always come in waves because it's a reality. I decided that doubt is part of the journey, but I will speak positively, like, “What if I make it?” I am determined to revisit my vision and talk with my inner circle about the doubts and fears that pull at my attention.

4. What If I Do Make It?

Marianne Williamson states, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us.” Success is my greatest hope, sometimes my deepest fear, because of the unknown. I am willing to keep that truth before me and continue to build as I expand the purpose.

5. Who Do I Trust?

Besides God, I must trust the person in the mirror, believing in my God-given purpose and myself. I trust my inner circle - reliable mentors with experiences in my field of purpose. I trust that the research field is adequate to gather data for solutions. Finally, I trust the ones who demonstrate genuine support and concern as I journey in life.

6. What If The Vision Changes?

I am willing to pivot as changes occur in the vision. I am confident in knowing the foundation of my purpose is solid. Until I reach the final goal of my vision, I will trust the process.

7. How Do I Convey Gratitude?

I realized words are sometimes not enough to convey my gratitude. Finding creative ways to say, “You matter,” such as a phone call, a card, an unexpected note, a small gift, or a hug, conveys gratitude louder than words.

God opened my eyes to see the inside knowledge and understanding of my abilities over the years, leading me to unfold the authentic energy behind why I enjoyed leading others. I had no plans or desire to lead others. Still, the constant visits, calls, and special requests to participate in leadership positions also opened my eyes to the amazing love of knowing people more profoundly beyond casual relationships or conversations where I used my education, training, and insight to help them forge a path into their future. After over 20 years of helping others efficiently, I knew I was an effective and gifted leader capable of asking others to follow me.

– Dr. Roxanne Casey is from Springfield, IL, and is an excellent people person. She is a gifted leader and a catalyst with knowledge, insight, and understanding of mobilizing people. She is a member of Pastor Care Network as a Pastor Care Specialist.


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