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  • Roxanne Casey, Pastor Care Network Intern

Calling All Clergy

Calling all Clergy to a place of refuge and encouragement. You certainly do not need permission to this place, but often a gentle reminder. Yes, a gentle reminder! The profession of Clergy is a unique call. God is the center of the call, and the author of your journey. God has a profound way in using every situation that you experience as an opportunity to develop skills that mature and empower you to take the next steps as a leader. 

The vast influx of overwhelming issues, problems, or concerns as you are often on the front line with heavy burdens of parishioners; with limited resources, and support from the community can be life changing and emotionally draining. This place of refuge calls you to self-care and self-aware. The leading factors that are often seen in the helping profession as a pastor are stress and burnout.

Stress is a fact of life that is inevitable in every sphere and aspect of living; effective coping skills can deflect the negative impact stress can have on the body. Stress is unavoidable in ministry, but clergy burnout has been a growing concern in the field with widespread attention. Clergy burnout can be avoided by exposing clergy to research, teachings, and techniques that identify burnout syndromes and methods to avoid the slippery slope of burnout.

The information regarding stress and burnout is not new to you, but the profound plea for clergy to seek a place of refuge and encouragement is increasing with a reverberation that has awakened an awareness of many, especially in the vast arena of the social media outlets.

To this end, I gently call all clergy to a place of refuge and encouragement for self-care and self-aware to wear the mantle and walk out the call effectively and efficient.


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