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  • Dr. John W. Smith, Executive Director

West Michigan Newsletter - Oct 2018

I am confident that you love your kids dearly and you strive to do everything you can to make sure they are safe in your home.

But I must confess, as a Christian parent, while I was Senior Pastor of New Life Community Church, there were things that happened in our home with our kids that I was not aware of until much later.

The newly released documentary, Over 18, features a committed Christian family where they home schooled their children and were very involved in their children’s lives. I thank God for their willingness to courageously and transparently share the story of their son Joseph becoming addicted to pornography at age 9, while they were in the room with him.

I know it sounds a little crazy. But it is a true story. It’s a story we can all learn from.

Viewing this film raises the question: How Safe Are Kids In Your Home?

Because this issue is so prevalent in the church we want to help equip pastors, church leaders, and parents to deal with this issue head on. So PastorCare West Michigan purchased the rights to show this documentary film in your church or in your community.

Please click on this link to access the October 2018 PastorCare WM Newsletter.

We are here to love on pastors and churches!

Pastor John, Angela, and Pastor Lorenzo

To read the October 2018 Newsletter issue in Pastor Care's document archives, click here.

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