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Praying for Farmers - Pastor Care West Michigan Newsletter

Has God ever spoken to your heart through a voice on the radio? Well, I believe God spoke to me through a voice on the radio on Friday, March 10, 2017 at 2:40PM. Amazingly, this voice was only heard one time on one local Christian radio station here in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I believe that call was providentially orchestrated by God for me to hear it.

I backed my car into our driveway and shut off the engine. Then I remembered I needed to record my mileage. When I turned the engine back on I heard a man call in to the radio station WCSG 91.3. He announced he was hosting a Farmers Prayer Meeting on Saturday, March 18 at 10:00 at Briar Barns, located at 693 10 Mile Rd. in Sparta. I quickly grabbed a piece of paper wrote down the information.

I believe the Holy Spirit used that man’s voice to prompt me to participate in the Farmers Prayer Meeting on Saturday, March 18, 2017 Farmers Prayer Meeting at Briar Barns.

I learned that the voice I heard on the radio belonged to Mike Finkler. When I introduced myself to Mike and explained how I heard about the Farmer’s Prayer Meeting, he said I was an answer to his prayers!

God spoke to me through Mike Finkler to begin praying for farmers. Now I am inviting you to join Mike Finkler and myself in this movement of praying for farmers in our communities, across our land, and around God’s world.

I believe you will enjoy reading these stories of real farmers who are very thankful for the prayers of God’s people.

To read the September 2017 Newsletter issue, visit our document archives, or click here.

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