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  • Dr. John W. Smith, Executive Director

Pastor Care West Michigan Newsletter - April 2017

“When a pastor shares that he has a struggle with pornography, instead of getting him help, the first thing a congregation does is take him out back and shoot him.”

The unexpected burst of applause from a gathering of three hundred pastors in a Cincinnati area church startled me. I’d hit a nerve.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to my friend, Steve Siler, Founder and Director of Music for the Soul. Steve and I have been friends for seven years. Every encounter and experience that we share together is a profound blessing in my life. Steve always touches my heart and encourages my spirit. Steve is incredibly talented and amazingly humble. You will quickly grow to love him as Sue and I do.

As you read Steve’s story, I believe God will speak to your heart and bring blessings and encouragement to your soul and spirit.

The bonus will be learning about incredibly helpful resources for your family, your church family, and your friends.

To read the April 2017 Newsletter issue, visit our document archives, or click here.

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