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  • Dr. Allen Tyndall

Prayer is Learned

Jesus was asked by his disciples, "Lord, teach us to pray." (Luke 11:1) This means that prayer does not come naturally or effortlessly. It must be learned! Prayer is opening our lives to God. It has to do with our relationship with God. God can only function in our lives in accordance with the degree of freedom we surrender to Him.

When we pray, we know that the Father is listening and responding to our prayers. It is as if we are sitting next to God and talking with Him. So, while we are there, how do we know God has heard us and answered our prayers? E. M. Bounds states, “God shapes the world by prayer… God conditions the very life and prosperity of His cause on prayer.” God works through the prayers of His people. So, if we are to get answers from God, we must first pray.

How important is prayer? It is the first act of worship that we do; this talking with God and listening to Him. The amount of time we spend in prayer shows how important God is in our lives.

Prayer is a three legged stool. To be successful in prayer, we must have a time to pray, a place to pray, and a method of prayer. For prayer to yield results it has to be important enough to me to do it regularly and consistently.

Prayer is asking, but yet it is more; it is also listening. Listening to someone is learned. When I listen to what someone is saying to me I show that I care about them. I want to hear God speak to me, yet to do this I have to cultivate getting my ear tuned to God’s frequency. I have to program my hearing to listen to God, just as I tune my radio to my favorite music station.

God desires to speak to me, and I desire to hear what He is saying. The scriptures are full of examples of God speaking to humans. I desire to be in that kind of relationship with God that can hear what God is saying. “And God said to Moses.” “And God said to Allen.” There should be no difference. Prayer assures me/us that there is no difference.

So start praying! Find that time. Find that place! Tune in, listen, and sometimes sing along with the tune. Then you will know you have found the right station.

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