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  • Dr. John W. Smith, Executive Director

PastorCare West Michigan Summer 2015 Newsletter

We pray you are having an enjoyable summer with family and friends.

Please note my new email address:

Sue and I praise God for every person who prays for ministry and supports us financially. We will send a free book to every person who makes a donation to PastorCare West Michigan in July and August 2015. You may choose which of these books you would like to receive.

Please make checks payable to:

PastorCare West Michigan

1632 Waterbury Dr. SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49508

Please indicate which book you would like.

Online contributions are made through PayPal on our website

Please use my new email address: to indicate which book you would like to receive if you make an online contribution through PayPal.

We trust you will enjoy the attached PastorCare West Michigan Summer 2015 Newsletter.

The major highlight of our summer was two family weddings. I enjoyed the honor of officiating at the wedding of our son, Andrew Smith, and Elise LaPorte on June 7, 2015. Photos of the ceremony are included in the Newsletter. I thought you would enjoy these additional photos.

We hope you enjoy a wonderful summer living for Jesus, while enjoying the blessings of your family and friends!

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