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HOPE - by Allen Tyndall

Vacationing on the NC Outer Banks one summer, the Lord showed me how important I was to His Kingdom. I needed this because I did not think I was – since the previous year I had been asked to leave the church I had pastored for 7 years.

It had taken all my energy and strength organizing a week’s worth of responsibilities where I worked just to be able to go to the beach. I was tired, literally worn out, discouraged, and feeling not much use.

The first three days I spent in bed or near it. On the fourth day I began to stir around and interact with the family who were there with me. They were happy to see that I was alive. We decided to go to the First Flight Museum at Kitty Hawk. While listening to the park rangers describe the first flight experience, I heard the ranger ask a question: “Do you know why they had their suits on in the picture of the first flight?” I looked at the picture, and I didn’t know why. I thought that was the way they always dressed.

After a couple answers were given from those in attendance, the ranger stated, “They had their suits on because they knew they were going to fly. God had told them they were going to fly so they were prepared that day for that to happen.”

Something went through me at that moment. God had called me to the ministry. What was I doing working in a convenience store? If God could call and confirm men to fly, He could use me. That day I woke up again. I had hope and began to ask God to put me back in ministry as a pastor of a church.

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