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Sister Norma Walker Ministers to Native People

Sister Norma Walker, at 80 years young, is still faithful to her calling (as an 8-year-old girl) to minister to native people. It has been our honor to serve this dear servant of God for nearly 10 years. Once she introduced us to her church this way:

“These are John and his friends with PastorCare. They've sometimes brought me food, or offerings, but mostly they've just been there for me when I needed a friend.”

At Christmas we visited Norma's Pentecostal Church of God Indian Mission in Lawton, Ok, brought food to contribute to the Christmas dinner, and I preached on “The Loneliest Job” in the garb of a Western shepherd, to dramatize the difficult role of a pastor.

Norma’s mission is near Ft Sill, where Geronimo and other “hostiles” were imprisoned for their fierce resistance to being forced off their ancestral hunting grounds onto barren reservations. We love these Comanches, Cheyennes, Arapaho, Kiowas , and those who minister Jesus’ love to them.

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