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Dr. Allen Tyndall

Phone:  (704) 796-1784

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PastorCare is an ever expanding network of individuals who share a common heart for helping hurting pastors and their families. Our desire is to serve as a support network for hurting pastors, providing practical assistance and ongoing support.

We would welcome the opportunity to serve you. We are as close as your telephone or computer. As needed, we would be willing to sit down with you and your spouse, hear your story and share our lives.

Great Lakes  Serving Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio



In this land of the lakes where life centers around water, work, and football, life is productive yet challenging. This is a region where rivers, lakes, farming, and manufacturing come together in abundance. This is the region of Henry Ford, the Wright brothers, International Harvester, John Deer, Standard Oil, and United States Steel. The place of the assembly line production of automobiles and automobile tires. Don’t forget names like Kellogg’s, General Mills, and, of course, the Big Ten Conference.


In this breadbasket region God’s ministering servants remain faithful and vigilant to be equally productive. Yet there are times when these servants are thrown a pass beyond their reach or are tackled for a loss. When this occurs a new play is called, yet it can’t be executed either. A time out is called. PastorCare is available in those time out sessions to help strategize what to do next when the defense is overwhelming the offense. When you need help on your next play, contact us. We are there to help you get back in the game.




Our Regional and Executive Director, Dr. Allen Tyndall writes:


Almost every day I hear people in ministry dealing with personal issues which I have experienced, walked through, and gained God’s wisdom. Many of these issues were/are gut-wrenching, faith-challenging, and grief-strickening. The way I trusted God in these issues impacted my ministry and strengthened my faith.


I seek to come alongside of fellow persons in ministry to assist them to become stronger in their faith and productive in their ministries.


I was called early in my life to ministry at the age of 17, yet I did not respond to this call until my late 30s. Because I wasn’t sure I could pastor a church when I graduated from Elon College, I started teaching school, and began a career in education. During that period of 17 years in public education as teacher, principal, and associate in the Virginia Department of Education, and assistant superintendent, I also earned a MEd degree from UNCG (University of North Carolina at Greensboro).


It was then that God called again, so I enrolled in Lancaster Seminary where I received an MDiv degree. After being ordained I pastored churches in SE Ohio and in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia before settling in Kannapolis, NC, where I pastored two churches and now call home. Along the way I earned a DMin degree from Southwest Bible College and Seminary.


Recently I completed 16 months of service as interim pastor for St. Luke’s Reformed Church near Granite Quarry, NC. In the recent past I have been a teacher, coach, and principal at First Assembly Christian School in Concord, NC. My wife, Doris, and I have also served as the prayer ministries coordinators at JAARS (the support organization for Wycliffe Bible Translators) in Waxhaw, NC.  


In addition to my ministry at PastorCare, I serve the Lord as President of New Gate Ministries, Inc., mentor pastors on a regular basis, and am actively involved in prayer ministry. I take seriously John Wesley’s words, “God will do nothing on earth except in answer to believing prayer.”


My wife and I have 4 grown children and 10 grandchildren. We have been married for over 51 years.



Steve & Rachel Harrison

Special Assignment – Young Pastors & Spouses

PastorCare Great Lakes – Michigan

321-423-7291 cell

Martin Radcliff

PastorCare Great Lakes – East Ohio

330-238-3093 office

330-938-2805 cell


Dr. Peter Foxx

PastorCare Great Lakes – Central Ohio

(614) 579-3236

Dr. Gene Bell

PastorCare Great Lakes – East Indiana

(260) 824-3161


Dr. John W. Smith (Sue)

PastorCare Great Lakes - West Michigan

616-304-8543 cell


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