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Our Regional Directors

NW  •  Great Lakes  •  NE  •  Carolinas & S Atlantic  •  Mid-South  •  Mid-West  •   Great Plains  •  Western Plains

Northwest - Perry Melnychenko


Pardon our progress, please. Biography information is needed to go here for this new Regional Director.


Phone:  (503) 886-9811

Great Lakes / Carolinas & South Atlantic / Mid-West - Dr. Allen Tyndall


Allen loves ministering to God’s people. He has spent his life enjoying people, listening to their stories, and helping them find their way through the maze of issues and challenges they experience. For over 30 years, Allen has served God as a church pastor and mentor to other pastors. Allen’s training includes a BA in Philosophy from Elon College, MEd in Administration from UNCG, MDiv degree from Lancaster Theological Seminary, and DMin degree from Southwest Seminary and Bible School.


Phone:  (704) 796-1784

Northeast - Rev. Gary Bowman


Thirty-two years of ministry have challenged Gary Bowman’s life several times in pastoring historic churches, pioneering churches, and closing the doors of a church. Serving also at a national level, Gary has pastored pastors since 2002, engaging men and women through the lowest points of their journey. Gary’s own life experience has expanded his grip on large grace… and the limitless measure God intends. 


Phone:  (717) 424-2948

Mid-South - Jim Bevis


Jim Bevis and his wife, Anne, have ministered in over 50 nations of the world and have been married for over 50 years. During his ministry as senior pastor, campus minister, executive pastor, and ministry executive, Jim has suffered two massive seasons of burn out, with one resulting as a nervous breakdown. So Jim understands first hand many of the challenges ministers face, as well as the need for preventive care. Jim currently serves as President of CSR Ministries. He and Anne co-host a weekly radio interview program called “What On Earth Is God Doing?” They now spend their full time in ministry to “God’s ministering servants.”


Phone:  (256) 335-8288

Great Plains / Western Plains - John Gifford


As of 2014, John, along with his wife, Marcia, has been in full-time ministry for 50 years. John has experienced first hand the rare but very dark low points of pastoring, and knows a thing or two about ministry burnout and the trauma of severe sheepbite. He now gladly travels hundreds of miles to help fellow pastors and priests going through their own Gethsemane.


Phone:  (405) 227-7566


John Gifford will not be available until September 1, 2021.

Serving as Interim Regional Director will be:

Dennis Parrish

Area Director – PastorCare SE Texas



Please contact Dennis when you need assistance in this region.

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