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PastorCare is an ever expanding network of individuals who share a common heart for helping hurting pastors and their families. Our desire is to serve as a support network for hurting pastors, providing practical assistance and ongoing support.

We would welcome the opportunity to serve you. We are as close as your telephone or computer. As needed, we would be willing to sit down with you and your spouse, hear your story and share our lives.

Mid-West  Serving North Dakota, South Dakota,

Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin

Dr. Allen Tyndall

Phone:  (704) 796-1784

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The turn of the year brings about in people a desire to change and improve their lives. For Pastors and their spouses, it is a time to evaluate where they are in ministry, in family, and personally. Sometimes, this evaluation can lead to discoveries of new opportunities or the growing need to make some changes in them and their families – especially recently with having to deal with the ever-changing challenge of shepherding during a pandemic. As a result, sometimes a pastor needs to talk to someone outside of their ministry or their family to discuss concerns or new goals.


Often, it is the ear and the intercession of another pastor who is or has been where you are that can bring the greatest support. Hopefully, you’ve built a network of colleagues for this purpose, yet perhaps that has been elusive to you. Anonymity can assist in vulnerability, and PastorCare confidentiality can foster an environment where you might tell your story and meet great grace.

Please make a connection with someone to tell your story! In such telling there sprouts a seed of hope, which can necessarily grow into great grace. You need it, so, reach out and begin a conversation with someone who cares.

About our Area Directors - PastorCare Mid-West - Illinois

Dr. Michael and Elizabeth Jackson met in college and have pursued God’s calling on their lives since 1996 as a couple and as spouses. They have traveled across Illinois and even to Colorado, ministering to congregations and summer camps with a message of God’s desire to have a personal relationship with people. After accepting his first ministry in 2001, Michael and Elizabeth have experienced ministering as Christian Education ministers, Youth Ministers, and as a Senior Pastoring couple. They have also come to see the challenges in ministry by serving as Pulpit supply preachers for the last several years. They have been a part of their local church’s leadership team for the past nine years and have served as both Sunday School teachers and superintendents. Their experiences with the success and trials of ministry have
given them a desire to help every Pastor and their family experience success in ministry without the heartache. Dr. Michael always counsel pastors with the caution, “If you can picture yourself doing anything else besides ministry, then you might want to do that.”

In 2019, Dr. Michael and Elizabeth started to pursue PastorCare because of a personal experience of an abrupt and painful termination of a ministry. They understand the pain such a break can cause. Their desire is to first help to make sure pastors and their families never experience such an end to ministry; second, they desire to help pastors grow in their own giftings and callings to become what God has called them to be; and third, they desire to be a caring and listening ear to pastors and their families when times of stress occur to prevent hurt, loss, and crisis.

Connecting with Mike might be of help and support, or perhaps one of the other Regional Directors of PastorCare would be best for you. Talk to Jesus – and then reach out through email or phone. We are here for YOU.


David Revelle (Tracie)

Associate National Director & Regional Director

PastorCare Tennessee/Kentucky

Special Assignments:

Get-a-ways / Quad Cities


Mike & Elizabeth Jackson

Area Director PastorCare Mid-West – Illinois

Mike:  217-379-1996

Elizabeth:  217-379-8108

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