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Gary Bowman

Phone:  (717) 424-2948


PastorCare is an ever expanding network of individuals who share a common heart for helping hurting pastors and their families. Our desire is to serve as a support network for hurting pastors, providing practical assistance and ongoing support.

We would welcome the opportunity to serve you. We are as close as your telephone or computer. As needed, we would be willing to sit down with you and your spouse, hear your story and share our lives.

Northeast  Serving Connecticut, Deleware, Maine, Maryland,

Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Vermont, West Virginia, and Rhode Island



The bright and warm days of summer are often times of respite for both pastors and parishioners, yet sometimes the stress of ministry returns when both gather again at vacation’s conclusion. Leadership challenges don’t disappear, unspoken expectations remain, finances remain tight as giving dips when temperatures rise. So many challenges impact your life as shepherd of the flock… and where can you find encouragement?


Often, it is the ear and the intercession of another pastor who is or has been where you are that can bring the greatest support.  Hopefully, you’ve built a network of colleagues for this purpose, yet perhaps that has been elusive to you. Anonymity can assist in vulnerability and PastorCare Network confidentiality can foster an environment where you might tell your story and meet great grace.


Please make connection with someone to tell your story! In such telling there sprouts a seed of hope, which can necessarily grow into great grace. You need it, so reach out and begin a conversation with someone who cares.



Reverends Gary and Carol Bowman met in college and have pursued God's call since 1982. The road has not been easy and God has been who He says He is – Emmanuel – through each valley and over every mountain. Having encountered power-brokering leadership, forced termination, passionless churches, bi-vocational ministry and faith-based incomes, they have experienced wearying ministry. And having experienced building programs, expanding ministry staff, small churches and national travel, Gary has found God faithful in the process of Christ-likeness. "It's funny... I wouldn't have chosen this path, yet veering from it would have only led to glorifying myself. The glory isn't mine, and He's provided the experiences to keep me from stealing His!"


Having pastored pastors since 2002, Gary has been used of God to help hurting and wounded pastors regain their footing, energy and passion. He admits, "It is a plodding journey, yet one of great importance that should be embraced." Advancing the Kingdom of Christ often takes a toll and the pain can be nearly unbearable, yet that is why PastorCare exists as part of God's network of nurture, strength, tenderness, empathy, intercession and most importantly--grace. The wound can be a place of conception in ways only a person having committed their mortal existence to pursuing spiritual journey can submit to – Virgin Mary-ish. "I have been called to assist in embracing each ‘now’ moment of the shepherd's feet-to-the-earth path so the fruit of character and subsequent Kingdom expansion gestates through the pain of natural existence," Gary says. "It is a Jesus-following journey – so consider His 33 years of breathing our oxygen as our model."


Connecting with Gary might be of help and support, or perhaps one of the other Regional Directors of the PastorCare Network would be best for you. Talk to Jesus – and then reach out through email or phone. We are here for YOU.



of PastorCare Network Northeast is valuable to what God is doing in the lives of these wounded in ministry! Each week, emails and calls come expressing pain and brokenness—some as a result of poor choices, some resulting from no particular fault of the pastor. Life as shepherd of the flock can bring cumulative stress that weakens the body, soul and spirit. I am most encouraged when I can discover support and assistance for a pastor BEFORE the crash happens! Yet the majority of what God does through me is restorative and grace-filled, guiding a pastor toward God’s strength. Thank you for praying and giving — please don’t stop! YOU make a difference!

Your tax-deductible gifts can be sent to:


PastorCare Network Northeast

PO Box 157

York New Salem, PA  17371

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