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Jim & Anne Bevis

Phone:  (256) 335-8288

PastorCare is an ever expanding network of individuals who share a common heart for helping hurting pastors and their families. Our desire is to serve as a support network for hurting pastors, providing practical assistance and ongoing support.

We would welcome the opportunity to serve you. We are as close as your telephone or computer. As needed, we would be willing to sit down with you and your spouse, hear your story and share our lives.

Mid-South  Serving Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana,
and Mississippi; Special Assignment - East Atlanta



My wife Anne and I have been in full-time Christian ministry for 51 years (the same number of years we have been happily married). We have served as a local church pastor, executive pastor, denominational executive, missionary and head of a parachurch ministry. For ten years, we served as Ambassadors at Large with Mercy Ships, a division of Youth With A Mission.


In 1991, after thirty-one years of ministry in Nashville, Atlanta, Houston and Indianapolis, we returned to the area of our birth, the Muscle Shoals area of North Alabama where I now serve as President of CSR Ministries, an International Christian Renewal Ministry. We have planned and executed over 90 national and international conferences all over the world.


In 2005, I had an open-eyed vision while driving up I-65. I saw Anne and I knocking on church doors across America for the purpose of encouraging pastors, ministers and priests. In accordance with what I believe the Lord said, I started calling on pastors beginning with the three churches down the street from our home in Florence, Alabama.


In the last six years, I have personally visited with over 600 pastors in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia and several Northeastern states including Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. During these visits I pray for the pastors, encourage them in any way that I can and present them will a small gift provided by several Christian publishers and ministries like Focus on the Family and David Jeremiah’s Turning Point Ministries.


Over the last six years, I have had some phenomenal visits with pastors needing encouragement in many different areas of their lives and ministries. I have had three minute visits and as much as three hour visits. I have visited pastors who were writing their resignations when I walked into the church office. I have visited men and women of God who were discouraged, disillusioned and depressed. As a pastor and minister for over fifty years, I have made about every mistake, had two major burnouts and experienced just about any problem a ministering servant could possibly confront. I feel that I am well prepared to identify with problems experienced by God’s shepherds.


In 2011, CSR Ministries, and Anne and I joined forces with PastorCare, a national clergy support network. We were appointed the Mid-South Regional Directors consisting of Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas and Louisiana. We now make ourselves available to pastors in need.




Jim and Anne Bevis live in the Cedars in Florence, Alabama. They have four married daughters and eleven wonderful grandchildren. Daughter Melody (Baker) lives in Colorado Springs, CO with her family. Daughter Robyn, with her family lives in Kalispell, Montana. Daughter Amy lives with her family in Braselton (Atlanta) Georgia. Daughter Holly lives with her daughter in Florence.


Jim and Anne returned to the Shoals in 1991 after a 31 year “tour of duty” in Texas, (Houston, Lubbock and San Angelo) Tennessee (Nashville) and Georgia. (Atlanta). Jim serves as President of CSR Ministries, an international Christian renewal ministry. In addition to being a minister, Jim is a professional meeting and conference planner. He and Anne have planned and executed some 90 national and international conferences ranging in size from 100 to 35,000. The Bevis’ have ministered in over thirty nations of the world including Russia, China, Lithuania, the Philippines, Siberia, Costa Rica, Nigeria and the Dominican Republic. Jim serves on the Executive Committee and Board of the North American Renewal Services. In addition, Jim serves as a member of the Christian Leadership Council of Remembrance of Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem and the U.S. Advisory Board of the International Christian Embassy-Jerusalem. Jim and Anne have conducted renewal meetings and conferences across the nation and world.


Jim is a member of the Florence Rotary Club where he has served as a member of the Board of Directors. In addition, Jim has just completed a six year term on the Board of Directors of the Florence Lauderdale Tourism Bureau. He also serves on the Board of Directors of Kings Bible College in Nigeria. Jim is a member of the Religious Conference Management Association, the Christian Meetings and Conventions Association and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Jim has also served as a member of the Martin Luther King Jr. Committee. In the Shoals, Jim and Anne have led seven major Christian conferences. Jim also works as a city catalyst in bringing the body of Christ together. In addition, Jim and Anne lead a new ministry called The Ministry of Encouragement focused primarily on encouraging pastors and ministers.


Anne Wagnon Bevis is a former recording artist with RCA records. Jim first “met” Anne on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1959. They married in 1960. Anne often sings and ministers with Jim.


Jim and Anne are members of Grace House, a non-denominational, evangelical church in Florence.

“My wife and I have know the Bevis[es] since around 2011. We met them during a crisis in our lives. To that end they are the angels God sent us to see us through that period. They gave us the proper spiritual, mental, and physical guidance needed. They put us on the path to healing. One of the most amazing things to us is while they were helping us find the wholeness we needed, they were helping others from different parts of the world do the same. We thank God for the friendship we developed with the Bevis[es] then and continues to this day. What a wonderful world this would be if more of us were like the Bevis[es].”  –  S.W., Tennessee

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