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There are a number of individuals and organizations which partner with us to provide care for pastors. We maintain a list of these organizations and individuals who have agreed to work with us to assist the spiritual, physical, emotional, and relational health of pastors and their families who maybe in crisis or in need of their services.


The following are the categories in which we have collaborative partners which are ready and willing to serve pastors and their families:


  • Prayer

  • Getaways

  • Retreats

  • Counseling

  • Financial

  • Ministry Styles Testing


Contact us and we will assist you to find the help you need.

We have always been impressed with the team at PastorCare who unselfishly serve those who lead the church. They do it as well as anyone, and have become a model for other organizations around the country.”


–  Dr. H.B. London Jr., Vice Pres., Church and Clergy, Focus on the Family

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